Thursday, April 28, 2016

Coffee Please!!

Gift card holders are so darn useful now days. It seems that gift cards are the easiest and the most appreciated way of gift giving. No more getting socks or ties or bath salts - gift cards are just crazy awesome. I found the coffee cup gift card tutorial on splitcoast and followed it to the T.
Complicated? The first few, yes.
Difficult? Not really, once you follow the directions.
Fun? Heck , Yeah!!
And please don't ever, ever, ever make only one of these cuties. Remember, it will take only a minute to make additional ones. So precut paper for 8 cards and get to work.
The greeting is from Perfect Pairings and the little coffee cup... it's a good question... I believe it was a part of the Voila set by SU that has been retired years and years ago. But the cup worked and I liked it. 

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