Monday, February 8, 2016

Absolutely picture perfect

I have had my humming bird feeder for a while now and it's just so exciting to see these amazing little guys come and drink from it. And here are couple of interesting facts about hummingbirds:
* They are the smallest birds in the world.
* Their wings flap around 70 times per second.
* They visit on average 1000 flowers per day for nectar (or hang out at my feeder all day long)
*They are very smart and remember every flower that they have been to and how long it will take for the flower to refill (I wonder what their thoughts are on the never ending supply of "nectar" in the feeder?)
Enough with the trivia and getting back to the Picture Perfect stamp set......
I'm crazy about this bird! Seriously!! I just want to keep on stamping it over and over again! To get this wonderful image you will need four stamps, each of them responsible for different layer of the bird, which you will stamp one of top of the other. As you go thru the process, you will notice how the bird comes to life. It's truly wonderful.
Got it? No? In that case, let me just show you how it's done!

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