Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Flowering Flourishes tile coasters

It feels great to be able to make gifts for people. Home made gifts are always close to my heart whether they are cards, jams, breads or.... tile coasters. The Holidays are approaching and with it a stress of coming up with gifts for your loved ones. I thought that the tile coaster idea is just fantastic and when I got the Flowering Flourishes stamp set I was hoping to be able to use it on tiles.  Stamping on tiles is very easy but you absolutely have to use Stazon ink. There is no way around it. Use your regular ink and you will have a smearing mess on your hands.

Make sure to put cork at the bottom of the tile or some felt for that matter. I picked these cork pieces at the 99 cent store.

Wrap it up and make it all pretty and voila, here is the gift for a friend!

And here is my attempt with the black Stazon ink.

I still cannot decide if I like brown or black better....


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