Friday, May 22, 2015

Simply Scored Scoring Tool

The first time I saw Simply Scored Scoring tool, I asked "WHY"? Why would I get it if I already had a scoring tip on my cutter? Then, I realized that there is a diagonal insert for it to make diagonal lines and I still didn't get it. Why would I use it, when would I used it and then WHY?

So finally last year over the holidays I was working on the wonderful rosette ornaments... and I realized that no matter how hard I tried, my score lines were not so Simply Scored and certainly not perfectly spaced.

That does not present a problem if  you are making one score line but when you make a bunch of them and then you want to turn them into to rosette, yes, it's a problem!! When you fan the paper into accordion and you don't have that perfect score line, you get a big mess on your hands.

So here it is. The Simply Scored tool which solves the scoring problem you may have. Every score line that you make is absolutely perfectly spaced.

You may want to get the diagonal plate as well, for the diagonal score lines, of course.

It comes with three markers. This means that you can mark all your score lines on top of the tool (see picture of the tool above) and without putting too much thought into  it, you can score away dozens of projects.

Lets not forget about a stylus with two different size of ball points.
Well, now you have it! Look out for a project with the Simply Scored on Monday!

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