Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stamping on Candles

Although it looks complicated, when you master the art of candle stamping you will be able to have a nice production line going of the Holiday gifts which will cost you a fraction of what you'd pay for it in the store. Here is the tutorial on stamping on candles that I found on splitcoast. After you read it, you will know that you will be stamping on a tissue paper. You will then cut out the images. I like to cut out the images not leaving much tissue around. The less tissue you will leave, the easier it will be to incorporate the image into the candle. I also take the cut out images and place them all around the candle with tiny bit of glue (just to hold them in place), that way I will have my entire candle designed before the heat gun goes off.

I used Ornamental Pine to stamp this candle. I then used a piece of paper and a ribbon to decorate the top.

Shells are always a favorite. Many people put shells and candles in the bathrooms. I had some sand dollars and I
glue-gunned them to the twine and voila!

In this case, I stamped the images onto the tissue paper (yes, just a regular tissue paper) with the versamark. I then sprinkled some gold embossing powder on and embossed it with the heat gut. That way your image on the candle will actually have a shine to it. Fun, isn't it?!?!
Or if all else fails, you can pick up our Lovely As A Tree go-to set and use it for your Thanksgiving table candle.
I'm telling you, gift giving doesn't have to be expensive, it's all about the love you put into it.

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