Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A gift of cards

With the holiday approaching I always come up with card bundles to give to the teachers. As I am in the midst of having fun with my brand new envelope punch board, I came across tutorial for this particular box. I used Sweet Taffy Designer paper for the body, Old Olive paper for the strip and the Bloom For You stamp (in Elegant Eggplant) and the Fun Flower punch.

Oh yes, you can bling it up a little bit if you wish... and I do wish.... because it's all about that bling....
Here we go, my Friends!
This box will hold up to 6  4 -1/4 by 5-1/2 cards and envelopes. However the capacity will vary depending on the cards that you are placing inside.
1. Take 9 by 9 piece of paper.
2. Align at 3-1/2.
Now punch and score.

3. Don't turn the paper, just move it to 4-1/2. Punch and score.
4. Rotate 180 degrees and repeat step 2 and 3. This is what you should have.
5. On the two opposite sites, align score marks with the score guide (there are two on each side). Punch score both of them. Repeat on the opposite site.
6. Make 4 small snips on the score lines on each side of the flaps of the box or you can cut out the little squares completely. I tend to keep them as I feel that they make the box sturdier.

7. Fold the score lines and your box will start coming to life.
Have fun!

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