Thursday, August 29, 2013

Steak - restaurant style

Let me tell you that once you have a good steak, you will never spend a dime on a cheap piece of meat. Well, that's where it all begins. Buying a good steak is not a cheap endeavour but it is well worth it. Here are some tips before you hit the market.

Steak Buying Tips

1.Buy the best grade of meat you can afford...Prime, Choice, Select in that order.
2.When possible, buy from the butchers counter not the pre-packaged section.
3.Look for steaks with fine texture and firm to the touch.
4.You want the color to be a light cherry red color, not deep red. And by all means stay away from gray meat.
5.Look for a steak that has marbling. It is the thin threads of fat running through the meat that makes it Prime and gives it that incredible flavor.
6.If you do buy packaged meat, stay away from any with excessive moisture, tears or that are past their sell by date.

I started using Ina's Food Network recipe to prepare my steaks and I really love them. I don't use the flour as she does in her recipe but pretty much follow it to the dot otherwise.
Click HERE for the recipe.

Enjoy this finger licking goodness!

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