Thursday, April 25, 2013

Magical Corn

You better not tell me that you knew about this little trick and you were keeping it away from me! I tried it last night and it works like MAGIC!! No more picking out hair from the corn. It's amazing, superb, wonderful, basically there are no words for it! I will not be cooking corn any other way from now on. Do try it at home.

Take corn and cut off  a little bit at the bottom where the husk is attached together.

Put a wet paper towel at the bottom of your microwave plate and place the corn on top of it. I microwaved 4 ears for 9 minutes on high, so a little bit over 2 minutes per ear would do it. I also used white corn and I know that it cooks a bit faster than yellow corn.

 Let it cool for a minute so you can handle it. Holding it on top and start squeezing the corn out of the husk. I had trouble with the first few but the last one came out perfect which means it's just a matter of practice.

You end up with delicious, cooked corn with no hair whatsoever!!!

What a brilliant idea!!

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