Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Very simple trifle

I can't even tell  you how absolutely delicious this recipe is. You seriously cannot stop eating it. You can use any mix of berries and it's always good so use whatever is on sale. It's not difficult to put together either so we go...


1 Angel Food Cake (already baked - I pick it up from the store)
1 large package of instant vanilla pudding
3 cups of cold milk for the pudding
3 cups of whipping cream
2 Tbs powder sugar for the whipping cream
1 lb of  fresh or defrosted raspberries
1 lb of strawberries (sliced) or blueberries or both

Prepare vanilla pudding according to the directions. Set it aside. Whip the cream with the powder sugar. I like my whipped cream pretty sweet so I would add a little bit more that two tablespoons of powder sugar to it. Once the cream is whipped, fold two cups of the whipped cream into the pudding. It will have a more of a boston cream consistency. Cube angel food cake. Take trifle bowl and put a layer of cubed angel food cake, top it with half of the pudding mixture and half of raspberries. Put another layer of angel food cake, pudding and raspberries and top it off with the remainder of angel food cake, whipped cream and fresh berries. Let it sit in the fridge for 4 hours or overnight.

Enjoy this finger licking goodness!

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