Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pizza on the Barbie

Pizza, according to some, is the world’s perfect food. I must say, that over the years I have grown to love it just as much as the rest of the nation. The precise history of pizza will never be known. What we do know is that around 1000 AD the word “picea” appeared and was describing flat, round breads that were preseason prior to baking. However, pizza as we know it today did not come into play till much later in history, around the 18th century in Naples. It spread around the world making it’s way to the US where the first pizzeria was opened in 1905 in New York City and the PIZZA-MANIA begun.


Pizza dough

Olive oil for brushing

Pizza sauce: tomato, pesto or barbecue

Toppings of your choice

Cut your dough into small balls and roll them out into 8 inch circles. No worries if they are not perfectly round, the pizzas look great when they take a shape of their own. Brush olive oil on both sides of the rolled out dough and put it on a hot grill. Close the grill while the dough is grilling. Leave it for a couple of minutes checking on it occasionally to make sure that the grill is not too hot and the dough is not burning. Flip the dough over and leave it on for additional couple of minutes. By now you should be able to tell when the dough it cooked. When it does look cooked spread the sauce of your choice on top of it (in my case it’s pesto but you can use tomato sauce or even a BBQ sauce), put some toppings and cheese on and close the grill once again. Wait, don’t you walk away, this is not going to take long. You are just waiting for the cheese to melt and you will be ready to devour this finger licking goodness. The dough is going to be wonderful and crisp, just the way to you like it. AND, always a plus, you can have a fresh pizza while camping.

A big Bon Appetit to the country that eats almost 100 acres of pizza per day! Enjoy!

** According to, eating pizza once a week can reduce the risk of esophageal cancer.

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