Monday, May 24, 2010

Greetings from sunny California

You must have some friends or family that live on the East Coast or up North, don't you? You know, the people that live in the cold and rain... Yes, these are the folks that I am talking about. Well, why don't we rub in our beautiful California weather with a sunny beach card! I used vellum to cut out the cup and sponged it in different colors. I then ran a sticky tape on top which I covered in microbeads. Chrystal Effects were used to create the sand. I spread it all around the bottom part of the card and then dunked it in a beach sand which I conveniently keep in my drawer. Just for the record, you should ALWAYS keep beach sand in your craft drawer because you just never know when it might come in handy (but then, you all probably know it anyways). Umbrella and a straw and voila - a delicious, happy card!!


  1. Oh great now I'm thirsty! That card is awesome! What a great idea! :)

  2. I love the way the umbrella pops out!! Creative. Keep inspiring!