Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Icecream sundae with a ... cherry on top

Ok, so we had a little issue... with a cherry... on top of a cake... When the creators of the SU stamp set On the Pedestal designed the set, they definitely had no idea that the cherry on a cake would strike a discussion but it did... and a good one on to of that! The stamp set is designed in a way so that you could put either a cherry or candles on top of the dome shaped cake. The idea of a cherry on top of a cake did not sit well with my dear Sam and thus, the job fell on my lap to create something acceptable by my friend with ..... a cherry on top. After twisting things around and pouring liquid applique for the whipped cream I came up with an icecream sundae. The liquid applique is totally fun to use. It's a liquid which it puffs up when you heat it up! The applique is great on Christmas cards, giving a three dimensional effect of the snow. It's definitely a girlie card but that's Ok because I know plenty of ladies that I can give it to!!!

1 comment:

  1. Too bad I have to wait until October to get one... :)

    Love it! Very creative! Are we making these at the buffet?